Not As Good As You Think – Movie

"Many middle-class parents think that their local public schools are performing just fine. In too many cases, however, they would be wrong. Pacific Research Institute's groundbreaking film Not as Good as You Think, which has been aired more than a hundred times on PBS in Southern California, documents the under-performance of public schools in middle-class neighborhoods up and down the state. In addition, the film exposes the over-spending, questionable decision-making, and unresponsiveness of school districts, and profiles the efforts of parents and community reformers in the district to wrest control of the local school board from powerful special interests. The experience of the reform-minded parents, who have had to overcome so many political and educational obstacles, indicates the need for a vibrant parent-led organization to fight for better policies at the state and local levels. The Parent Advocate League (PAL) perfectly addresses this need. As opposed to old-line parent groups that are either not active in policy debates or are mere extensions of established educational interests, PAL is a new and growing movement that has already made its presence felt in Sacramento and in local school board meetings on wide variety of issues. The coming years will see great changes in what takes place in our children's classrooms, which is why the time is right for parents to join and support PAL." Lance Izumi, J.D. Koret Senior Fellow and Senior Director of Education Studies Pacific Research Institute