LAUSD School Choice Resources

With so many choices, where do I find more information?


The following websites may be helpful resources for parents as they decide which school is the right fit for their unique child.  These websites also provide information about the application process and policies.


Magnet Schools in LAUSD


Great Schools:


Charter Schools in Your Area

California Charter Schools Asscociation:

Great Schools:


Homeschool Options

California Homeschool Network:

Homeschool Association of California:

Christian Home Educators Association:

Califonia Charter Schools Asscociation:


Private Schools In LA Area

Private School Review:

Great Schools:

Independent School Entrance Exam:


Neighborhood Schools

Great Schools:

LAUSD School Finder:


Open Enrollment Schools

LAUSD Open Enrollment:

LAUSD In District Transfer: Intra-district Transfer Application Packet

Great Schools:


Out of District Transfer

LAUSD district transfer web page:,168887&_dad=ptl

LAUSD Out of District Transfer Policy:

Great Schools:


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