LAUSD Magnet Selection Priority Point System

LAUSD Magnet School Programs

Magnets offer theme-based instructional opportunities to students in grades K-12, living within the boundaries of LAUSD. Currently, there are 191 magnet programs located throughout the district. All District students, including English learners, Special Education and Gift/Talented are encourage to apply. Please click here to review full information regarding LAUSD Magnet School Programs. 


How do I accumulate the points for a Magnet School?

  • If you are not coming from a magnet school, you need to accumulate waiting list points. This can be done by filling out the choices brochure every year and mailing it in for the next three (3) years. Each year you are not offered a spot, you will will earn four (4) points until you have accumulated twelve (12) points. This is the maximum number of wait list points that you can accumulate.
  • If you are offered a spot in the magnet school you listed on the application, you must accept it. If you decline the spot, you will lose all of the magnet points you have earned up to that time.
  • We suggest you begin applying to magnet programs when your child is in second grade. During the 2nd grade year, you should apply for magnet placement for 3rd grade. When they are in 3rd grade, you should apply for magnet placement in 4th grade and so on. By following this approach, by the time your child is in 6th grade, you will have the 12 points you need for the waiting list process.
  • If your home middle school is PHABO or CAPed (see choices brochure or call the school and ask them) you will earn 4 points for each of these. Your combined points could be as much as 20 points, usually enough to get into the magnet program you want, however there is never a guarantee.
  • Another option would be to find a middle school magnet program that has not filled and enroll your child. When they leave that middle school magnet school, they would get the 12 matriculation points (magnet points) for attending that magnet. When you then combine the PHBAO and CAP points, you may have enough points to get into the magnet program you desire. Please remember, there is never a guarantee.


For more information about LAUSD Magnet School Programs and the application process, please click here.