GreatSchools helps millions of parents get a great education for their children.

As a parent, you know there are many different steps to finding a great school and guiding your kids to great futures. helps by bringing you great information and insights – about schools, learning, and helping your kids succeed. A non-profit organization, is the leading national source of school information for parents and families, reaching 52 million annual unique visitors, and half of American families with children. We have profiles of more than 200,000 preK-12 schools and more than one million parent and community ratings and reviews of schools. GreatSchools Ratings and information help you find and explore high-performing schools that will be a good fit for your family. In addition, we have information, activities, and tools to help you support your children’s learning – at home and at school.

One of the things parents value most about is insights from other parents and families. So once you’ve found a great fit for your family, please rate and review your school, and help other families with their search.

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