PAL Partner Spotlight: California Center for Parent Empowerment

The California Center for Parent Empowerment was established by Senator Gloria Romero (Ret.) in order to empower public school parents–especially those with children trapped in chronically underperforming schools–to understand and use the Parent Empowerment Act of 2010. Th

Why Parents Must Stand Together

Parents in all zip codes have issues with their child’s education. The affluent City of Malibu is no exception. Recently, parents of Malibu High School made national news due to toxic levels of PCB’s found in some of their children’s classroom. Students and teachers started to become

PAL Founder Julie Collier joins the Grassroots Advisory Board for the Center for Education Reform

LOCAL LEADERS JOIN FORCES TO ACCELERATE EDUCATION REFORM Gina Guarino Buli, Will Cain, Andrew Campanella, Julie Collier, Colleen Dippel, Katie Duffy and Wendy Miller launch advisory board to The Center for Education Reform CER Press Release Washington, D.C. August 21, 2014 The Center

TEDx Orange Coast offer for our PALs!

Your exclusive TEDx offer as a friend of  Parents Advocate League Parents Advocate League is proud to partner with TEDx Orange Coast. We invite you to join us on Friday, September 19 and Saturday September 20, 2014 for this interactive gathering. TEDxOrangeCoast, the premier TEDx even

Is your child attending a FAILING school? You have a RIGHT to know!

School districts are not informing parents of their right to leave their chronically underperforming schools.   The Romero Open Enrollment Act allows for students attending the bottom 10% of a district’s schools to leave their failing school and choice into a higher performing sc

When Imitation Isn’t Flattery

It is time for parents to stop being afraid of opposition when we fight for our kids. The other side will make efforts to silence us. We need to be more fearful of our children’s futures they do not have their academic needs met, not what others will think of us when we stand up for e