Do you know about the new funding source for California schools called Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)?    The funding is based on the demographic profile of students with more funding going to low socioeconomic students. Most of the categorical funding that was in place prior to

Homeschooling Resource

This was brought to our attention by one of our homeschooling PALs. Most homeschooling parents are used to many questions from other parents that choose a different education option for their kids. They usually want to ensure others understand that homeschooling is just another option

Be Sure to Vote on Tuesday, June 3rd!

  Please take time to vote this Tuesday in the June elections!    Important seats are up for election that could impact your child’s education. The California State Superintendent is one of them. We won’t tell you how to vote. It is your final decision. Take time

SB 1082 Huff (R): A bill proposing a parent resources website

  Education policies are decided all the time that can affect the quality of education of your child. Stay “in the know” by tracking education policies at Here is some upcoming legislation you may be interested in learning more about. SB 1082 Huff (R) Bill Summ