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Education policies that can affect the quality of education your child receives are decided all of the time. Stay "in the know" by tracking education policies at Bill Search on the Official California State Legislation website. Search a specific bill or use the "keyword" search section to find something that interests you, your family or your community.

Find your California State Representative here.

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We Are Marching Fourth for Students!

March Forth for Students on March 4th! The parent voice is the most ignored and underutilized voice in education. As parents, we want to partner with our teachers and decision-makers, and let them know our kids must be the priority in education. However, one of the recurring comments

Why Parents MUST challenge the Status Quo

Our Executive Director, Julie, did! In fact, she actually ran for school board in her home district.  Capistrano Unified School District has been a lightning rod for issues over the years including a teacher strike during the great recession, $52 million dollars spent on a district of

Partner Spotlight: Parent Revolution

About Parent Revolution   Parent Revolution launched in January 2009 with a mission to change the focus of our public education system from one centered on adult interests to one that puts kids first. The success of our education system depends on every stakeholder coming togethe

REVEALED! The Scariest Part of Common Core and What To Do About It.

  There is so much buzz today about Common Core and people either love it or hate it. The reality is that Common Core is here. Whether we like it or not, it came upon our children without parent and even teacher input, and it will take time to get used to or even change. Therefor