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Education policies that can affect the quality of education your child receives are decided all of the time. Stay "in the know" by tracking education policies at Bill Search on the Official California State Legislation website. Search a specific bill or use the "keyword" search section to find something that interests you, your family or your community.

Find your California State Representative here.

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The “A” Word

We hear many, many stories from parents throughout California about their child’s educational experience. This one struck us hard.  A dad of a graduating high school student in one of the most affluent districts in America, dubbed as “the best largest school district in all of Califor

We Have Nothing to Offer Your Child

Those were the words I remember hearing my oldest son’s teacher say to me in 2007 when he was in first grade having difficulty learning to read. It was shocking for me to hear this as a parent, but to hear these words as a teacher, was just as bad, if not worse. Teachers should

OC Celebrates National School Choice Week with Congresswoman Mimi Walters

What a great day to celebrate National School Choice Week in Orange County, CA! Parents Advocate League partnered with National School Choice Week to have Congresswoman, Mimi Walters, join students for a school visit and celebration of school choice. The Congresswoman took time to ins

Don’t Walk Alone

Do you know there is a problem with the quality of your child’s education? You are not alone. You would be surprised to know that many parents feel the same way. Sure your neighbor’s kids are doing just fine in their zip-code dictated school, but your kids could do better&